Part 1


It was his smile, Aaron had decided.

Not to say that was all, though. There were a lot of things Aaron liked about Paul. Of course, he was tall, slender, dark-haired. His eyes were reassuring and handsome.

He was obsessive about his personal fitness. He cared deeply about those close to him. He had an outstanding sense of humor, but he never resorted to jokes about others. His laugh could make any room come alive.

And there was his intellect. His vision. His ability to see how things were possible that no one else could.

But most of all, it was his smile. Mischievous, yet kind, and friendly. It was a smile that caused Aaron to feel something deep inside, no matter how many times he saw it.

He had only known Paul for a few years, but he’d known who Paul was for much longer. Aaron first read about Paul in the papers while Aaron was finishing high school in Peoria. A 28-year-old from just a few hours north of him, in Janesville, Wisconsin, had gotten elected to the United States Congress.

Very impressive, Aaron thought to himself. And very good-looking.

Less than a decade later, at the age of 27, Aaron got elected as well. He’d had a meteoric rise during his 20’s – becoming a school board president and a member of the Illinois state legislature. He was one to watch, people would say.

And now he was in Congress. And so was Paul.


It was early on a Wednesday morning. Aaron had just finished his workout in the member’s gym, located deep in the winding hallways of one of the U.S. House office buildings.

Aaron cared deeply about his physique, and he was proud of it. Perhaps just as proud as he was of his professional accomplishments. Two years before he’d landed himself on the cover of Men’s Health – “America’s fittest Congressman” the writer proclaimed. It was probably true.

But Aaron knew there was at least one other man who worked as hard at his fitness as he did. His was the body that Aaron really wanted.

He hadn’t seen Paul yet that morning, which was odd. Aaron kept a pretty close eye out for him, and Paul was a creature of habit.

Seeing Paul was always one of the treats of Aaron’s morning – chatting with him about the day ahead, what had been in the news, what his work out was that morning.

And, of course, Paul would always smile when he saw him.

Aaron rounded the corner, headed to the locker room on the other side of the basketball court. And that’s when he spotted him, playing a pick-up game on the near court with a few of the other younger members.

Paul looked better than usual today. Aaron wasn’t sure why though. It was the same tight, cut-off, Miami of Ohio t-shirt and black shorts Aaron had seen Paul in countless times before. Same trim, fit, sexy body. Maybe he’d gotten a haircut?

“Hey, Aaron!”

He snapped out of it. He’d been staring. Shit.

“Oh hey, Paul, how’s it going?”

“Another beautiful day,” Paul said, jogging over and flashing Aaron a smile.

Goddam him, Aaron though, his heart melting.

“How was your work out?” Paul asked.

“Good, good,” Aaron sputtered. “Lower body day, calves and thighs.”

“Important stuff,” Paul replied, nodding, smiling again. “I thought I’d switch things up a bit today, shoot some hoops instead.”

“Yeah, definitely,” Aaron said. “Gotta do something different every now and then, right?”

Paul chuckled. “Absolutely, absolutely.”

Aaron paused, unsure what to say. How long had he been staring? More importantly, how long had Paul noticed him staring?

It wasn’t the first time it had happened. Aaron assumed Paul knew by now, anyways. Paul wasn’t dumb, and Aaron had had some pretty obvious slip-ups over the past few years.

“Say, Aaron,” Paul murmured quietly, interrupting Aaron’s panicked thoughts. “Why don’t you stop by my office tonight. Something I want to talk to you about.”

“Uhh - sure,” Aaron quickly replied, curious and surprised.

“Awesome,” Paul said. “I’ve got a reception tonight, but I should be back by 10. See you then.”

He patted Aaron on the shoulder, grinned, and jogged back to the game.

“What the hell was that about?” Aaron said to himself, his mind racing. Does he want help with the debt limit push? Does he wanna talk about 2016? Maybe he just wants to chat, hang out?

That thought excited Aaron the most. Aaron felt Paul liked him – he was always giving him important issues to tackle on Ways and Means, and he was always happy to spare a moment. But Aaron thought they could be much, much closer if Paul got to know him better. Paul was always so busy though, and -

“Welll if it isn’t Doogie Howser,” Tom cracked from behind, cutting off Aaron’s thoughts.

Aaron turned around. “Oh. Hi, Tom,” he answered back, before heading to get changed.


Aaron had a hard time focusing on his meetings for the rest of the day.

That was unusual for him. Most of the time he was engaged in whatever his staff put in front of him. It was the only way you could succeed in this town. The days went so quick and there was so much to do. You couldn’t clutter your mind with anything other than the task at hand.

And yet, Aaron couldn’t stop thinking about Paul, or their rendezvous tonight. He hadn’t been this excited in months. Just he and Paul, together.

Aaron had to suppress a semi just imagining it, which he knew was ridiculous. Nothing like that was going to be happening. Paul was in the “look, don’t touch” category, much to Aaron’s dismay.

He’d come to terms with this fact over the years though. There were enough other handsome and discreet men around for Aaron to stay happy. Thoughts of Paul would stay in his head. Nothing more than a nice fantasy to think about every now and then.

By 10 that night, Aaron could hardly sit still. He left his office, locked the door, and headed for Paul’s, which was located in the next building over. The hallways were empty by this point, except for the cleaning crews.

Aaron would have normally left long before now as well, back to the modest apartment he rented in Dupont Circle. A few members, like Paul, slept in their office to save money. Aaron didn’t care for that. He wanted privacy, and convenience.

He reached Paul’s office on the third floor. He could hear the TV on inside; it sounded like ESPN.

Aaron knocked. “One second!” he heard Paul yell from inside.

A few seconds later, Paul opened the door. He was shirtless, wearing only an old pair of Packers gym shorts. It was obvious to Aaron he wasn’t wearing anything under them.

Aaron stared, his mouth agape. After a moment or two passed he managed to stammer out, “Hey, Paul. What’s up?”

Paul chuckled. “Come on in,” he said, turning around and heading back into the office.

Aaron composed himself and stepped in, closing the door behind him.

It wasn’t as if Aaron had never seen Paul without his shirt on before. Hell, Aaron saw Paul naked in the locker room all the time.

But this seemed different to Aaron. He felt as if he was just now seeing Paul’s body for the first time.

And he liked what he saw. Unlike Aaron, who was naturally smooth on his whole torso, Paul’s upper chest had a thin covering of black hair. His pecs were well-defined, as were his arms, and the visible six-pack he had spent years toning. A tuft of hair was visible just below his belly button, before getting cut off by the waistband on his shorts.

“How was the event?” Aaron asked, before spying an armchair and sitting down in it.

“Ah, it was alright,” Paul replied, lying down on the pull-out bed in the middle of the room, propping his head up with his arm. “Bunch of crazies. Told ‘em what they wanted to hear.”

Aaron nodded. He snuck a glance at Paul’s shorts. They didn’t leave much to the imagination. Aaron felt himself getting hard underneath his khakis.

Paul’s office was a little more cluttered than Aaron’s, but it wasn’t untidy by any means. On the wall were the usual hangings found in a Congressional office – a painting or two from a local artist, photographs of scenic vistas from the Congressional district.

A TV was mounted on one wall, and across from it the bed Paul was lying on had been pulled-out from a couch. The desk was covered with stacks of binders and briefing papers. A cheesehead hat rested on top of a bookcase in the corner.

Paul seemed to be intently watching the story being shown on ESPN. Aaron didn’t want to interrupt.

When the show went to commercial, Paul turned to look at Aaron. He had a sly, thin smile on his face. Aaron couldn’t remember ever seeing it before, but he felt his growing cock stiffen instantly.

“You’re really something, Aaron,” Paul said.

Aaron paused and smiled, baffled by what was going on. “Uhh - thanks, Paul.”

Paul smiled and looked down at the bed. Aaron could feel his heart-pounding beneath his light blue dress shirt.

“I think you’re really something too, Paul,” he said. “I’ve thought that for a very long time,” Aaron added. Why did he say that? Did that sound weird? What was going on?

Paul leaned up and lifted himself off the bed. He walked the few steps over to Aaron’s chair and sat halfway on one of the arms.

Before Aaron knew what was happening, Paul leaned in and kissed him.

Aaron’s mind had never felt like this before. It was beyond racing. He wasn’t even thinking anymore. All he was conscious of was Paul’s warm body leaning into his, their lips and tongues meeting for the first time.

Paul reached up and ran one of his hands through Aaron’s hair as they continued kissing. His other was placed firmly on Aaron’s thigh. Aaron had no idea how long they sat like that. Time had stopped in his mind.

Then, suddenly, Paul was standing. He grabbed one of Aaron’s hands and looked at him. He smirked, tugged Aaron’s hand, and nodded to the bed.

Aaron stood, stepped and slid on to the bed. Within moments Paul’s body was on top of his, embracing him. Their lips met again, restarting what had been so long in coming.

Another minute passed before Paul stopped and began unbuttoning Aaron’s shirt. Aaron laid back, his eyes looking up at the high ceiling, trying to process what was going on.

“Fuck, you’re hot,” Paul whispered, staring down at Aaron’s chest. Aaron smiled, looking up at the man he’d thought about for years.

“You want this, don’t you?” Paul asked Aaron, an unsure look on his face.

“Fuck, yes,” Aaron responded. “I want this more than anything.”

Paul smiled. He leaned down and kissed Aaron one more time.

Aaron grabbed Paul’s shoulders. He definitely wanted this, and he knew exactly what he wanted.

He flipped Paul over so he was lying on his back. Aaron was now on top of him, looking down into Paul’s handsome eyes.

He started to kiss Paul’s chest. Paul’s pecs were firm, his nipples were hard, and he smelled so good. Aaron’s hand wandered down until it was on top of Paul’s crotch, on the outside of the gym shorts. He found what he was looking for, already hard as a rock. Jackpot.

Aaron sat up and scooted down so he was on top of Paul’s legs. He grabbed inside of the shorts and pulled Paul’s cock out. Paul was cut, well-sized, and thicker than any Aaron had felt before. His hair was trimmed neatly.

With his other hand, Aaron pulled the shorts down and off. He started to work on Paul. Aaron was methodical, making sure to hit everywhere he knew Paul would like it – the balls, the shaft, the underside of the tip. Aaron was good at most things. Making sure his partners were satisfied was no exception.

As he went, he could hear Paul moan. Aaron had never felt this horny in his life. He thought his pants might rip open he was so hard.

“Holy fuck, Aaron,” Paul gasped.

Aaron kept going, slowly speeding up. He’d dreamed of this moment for longer than he could remember. Paul felt and tasted even better than he’d ever hoped for. His smell was perfect, and with every whiff Aaron took he felt better and better.

“Fuck, fuck,” Paul softly uttered. Aaron looked up while still keeping Paul’s cock in his mouth. Paul was looking back at him, a look of pleasure and satisfaction that Aaron had longed for.

Their eyes met. Aaron had never felt a more erotic moment in his life.

“I’m gonna come,” muttered Paul, lying his head back. Aaron kept working him to climax, reaching up to play with Paul’s nipples as he went.

“Fuckkk.” Paul moaned loudly. His come came flying out, but Aaron held his lips tightly around his shaft, making sure none escaped. After Aaron was sure Paul had finished, he pulled off and swallowed hard.

Exhausted, Aaron lay down next to Paul, expecting for it to be over. But Paul lifted himself up, straddled his body over Aaron’s legs, and pulled Aaron’s khakis and trunks off. Aaron’s hard cock lay on his smooth, shaven skin. He watched as Paul grabbed it and put his mouth around it.

Ecstasy was not a strong enough word to describe how Paul’s tongue felt to Aaron, going up and down his shaft. Paul would linger on the tip just long enough to nearly make Aaron come, before backing off.

It still didn’t take long though. Aaron had been hard for so long that he quickly finished. Paul held Aaron’s cock as stream after stream landed on Aaron’s chest. After he had stopped, Paul leaned down and licked some off Aaron’s chest. He swallowed it, before lying down next to Aaron.

A few minutes passed as each caught their breath.

Paul lifted his head up on his arm and looked down.

“You’re really something, Aaron.” 

Aaron looked back.

“No, we’re really something.”

Paul smiled.

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