A Note from the Authors

Some interesting news finally broke this weekend. We’ve gotten a number of messages about it.

What’s been reported does not surprise us. Here are some other facts that may be of interest:

Rep. Kinzinger joined Rep. Schock in Congress in January 2011. By the end of that year, rumors about their relationship had begun to swirl on Capitol Hill.

These rumors intensified in early 2012, around the time Rep. Kinzinger decided to challenge a fellow, more senior Republican in a primary election. Rep. Schock supported Rep. Kinzinger in this election. You can read one account of these rumors here.

At the end of 2012, Rep. Kinzinger’s engagement was called off. No explanation was given.

Finally, on Friday, Rep. Kinzinger began following @PaulRyanXXX from his personal Twitter account.

You can form your own opinion.

"I think there’s a right to privacy. But the right to privacy should not be a right to hypocrisy. People who want to demonize other people shouldn’t then be able to go home and close the door, and do it themselves." - Barney Frank

Part 3

The witness droned on. “… and so that’s the situation we’re looking at for businesses when it comes to this section of the tax code, but in regards to the other section…”

Aaron noticed Paul listening closely, as per usual. His handsome eyes were trained on the three men testifying before the Ways and Means Committee. His thick ballpoint pen was in his right hand, scribbling out notes every now and then. He wore a blue tie with white stripes, knotted neatly, over a white dress shirt. Not a hair was out of place.

Aaron started to get the familiar feeling in his pants, but he tried to fight it. He didn’t need that right now. Not in the middle of a committee session.

It wasn’t because he wasn’t paying attention to the hearing though. No, he had more important things to think about.

Aaron had tried to speak with Adam again that morning. He watched him scurry out of the House GOP conference meeting through a side door. He’d left in a hurry, clearly trying to avoid running into Aaron.

Aaron caught up with him in the halls after a minute though. Adam said he had a meeting he had to get to. He turned and quickly walked away.

It’d been the same excuse for three weeks now. Couldn’t he at least come up with something more creative?

Aaron had figured out what was bothering Adam. He was also quite sure Adam knew he’d figured it out.

It was pretty obvious, after all. Things had fallen apart between them just after Aaron had told him about Paul. That couldn’t have been a coincidence.

Aaron had tried to put himself in Adam’s shoes once he realized Adam did still have feelings about him (how was he supposed to that know though? Adam had agreed it was over.)

Still, Aaron didn’t get why Adam was reacting the way he was. The thing with Paul wasn’t serious. It wasn’t even a relationship. Aaron didn’t really know what it was – another subject that kept him up at night – but it definitely wasn’t a relationship. So why was Adam so upset about it?

Maybe Adam didn’t understand. Maybe he did think Paul and Aaron were a real thing. As if, Aaron thought to himself.

Aaron knew he could get Adam to understand what was really going on. But only if Adam would talk to him!

Adam wouldn’t talk though. Instead, he’d just avoided Aaron. It’d been almost a month now.

Why was he acting like this? Didn’t Adam understand there was no one else he could have told about Paul? What was Aaron supposed to do? The secret was driving him nuts. He couldn’t keep it bottled up.

Adam was supposed to understand. He was supposed to be there for him. They were friends. That’s what friends did.

And without Adam as his friend, Aaron wasn’t happy.

Maybe he did make a mistake. Maybe he and Adam should have kept things going. Sure it didn’t feel exactly how he had dreamed it should feel, and sure it was a little risky.

But at least he was happy. That was a lot better than how he felt right now.

He thought back to the weekend they’d spent together in August, out at the state park along the Illinois River. Aaron smiled to himself as he ran through it in his head.

It was sunny outside, but it wasn’t uncomfortable for August. They camped out midday Saturday and headed straight for the river. Aaron could still picture Adam in the swim trunks he’d bought him – they were red with a blue waistband, and they cut off just a little more than halfway down Adam’s thigh.

They were way too short, Adam had complained. They’re fine, Aaron had told him. It’s the style. Plus, you’ll look hot in them.

That was enough for Adam.

They swam along the river, looking for a spot that Adam had said he knew. After finding it, they climbed out of the water, and rested on a boulder partially hidden by a few trees.

Adam leaned over, placed his hand on Aaron’s shoulder, and started kissing him.

Aaron was terrified someone would come across them. Adam reassured him no one was coming. You couldn’t even walk to this part of the riverbank.

Aaron relented, and he and Adam began kissing again. Nothing had felt more right to Aaron in that moment than Adam’s lips on his.

He felt a connection with Adam. It was strong, meaningful, and solid. It was what Aaron had wanted for so long.

Also, Adam was a great kisser. That was a plus.

He wasn’t just a great kisser though. After a while, Adam pulled back. He kneeled down into the grass in front of Aaron. He pulled Aaron’s blue-and-white gingham trunks down.

Aaron’s semi-hard cock lay flat against him, stretching up towards his belly button. He had trimmed, but he wasn’t fully shaven.

Aaron lay back on the rock, feeling the bright summer sunshine on his bare chest and legs. He closed his eyes while Adam worked on his cock for what seemed like forever.

Adam knew exactly how Aaron liked to be blown. He seemed to know it even better than Aaron did. Adam was probably better than Paul, thinking back on it.

Adam worked Aaron to climax. Aaron opened his eyes and watched Adam’s face as he came in his mouth. After he was done, he laid his head back, looking up at the leaves on the trees, catching his breath. He felt Adam pull off and heard him breathing as well, a little harder than Aaron.

After a few moments had passed, Aaron leaned up and looked at Adam. “C’mon, let’s finish you off.”

Adam shook his head. Aaron gave him a puzzled look.

Adam started giggling. “Jizzed in my pants,” he finally blurted out.

Aaron started laughing. Adam did too. They couldn’t stop, and they each got louder. Surely someone would hear them.

But they didn’t care. They sat there on that rock, looking out at the river, laughing. Nothing else mattered in that moment. It was just the two of them. And they were happy.

“The Chair recognizes the gentleman from Illinois, Mr. Schock, for five minutes.”

Aaron snapped out of his daydream. He looked down at the notes his staff gave him.

Oh, fuck, fuck, fuck.

He caught Paul out of the corner of his eye looking over at him. He could tell Paul was trying very hard not to chuckle, but the bemused expression on his face just made Aaron even more flustered.

He finally found the sheet he was looking for. “Thank you, Mr. Chairman. And thank you, Mr. Lawrence, for appearing before us today…”



Aaron stepped off the escalator at the Dupont Circle Metro a little before six. He had a free evening, which was rare. There was an unexpected change in his schedule – he had to stay an extra night in D.C. because of a last-minute morning meeting, and his staff couldn’t find anything worthwhile happening that night.

That was fine with Aaron. He needed the time to clear his head. He’d catch up on some reading. Maybe head to a bar later. There were other guys in D.C. besides Adam and Paul, after all.

Aaron walked into the Starbucks down the street from his apartment (and Adam’s apartment – Aaron had recommended the neighborhood). The store was busy. He ordered his skim latte, picked it up, and headed for the exit.

Then he saw him, sitting at a table in the corner.


He wasn’t alone though. He was sitting across from another man whose back was to Aaron.

Aaron didn’t need to see Adam’s face to know it was him.

Hell, Aaron had helped him shop for the suit he was wearing.

Aaron’s eyes went back to Paul. A sly, thin grin had spread across his face. His eyes were looking straight at Adam.

Aaron had seen that look before. He knew what it meant.

Aaron felt like all the wind had been knocked out of him. He felt a strange combination of feelings – sadness, confusion, and more than little bit of anger.

He kept staring as Paul laughed at something Adam said. As Paul’s head moved around, he noticed Aaron.

Paul’s head froze. He and Aaron made eye contact.

It only lasted a second or two though. Aaron couldn’t hold it any longer.

He turned his head and walked out of the store, taking a right towards his apartment, not once looking back.

As he walked, Aaron found his mind racing once again.

Had he been taken for a fool?

How long had Paul and Adam been sneaking around?

Had it started before Paul had come on to Aaron?

Was this why Adam didn’t want to talk to Aaron about it? Was it because he was sleeping with Paul too?

Or was Paul just now putting his moves on Adam?

How many others had Paul done this with? How long had this gone on?

How dumb was Aaron to think that he was the only one?

And why was he getting so upset about this? He wasn’t dating Paul or Adam! They hadn’t betrayed him. Well, Adam had betrayed him, but in a different way. Or was it connected?

What the hell was going on?

Aaron reached his apartment. He unlocked it, stepped inside, and slammed the door behind him.


It was nearly 10.

Aaron had been trying to read over some briefing material about unemployment insurance. It’s was hopeless though. He realized after he got to the end of each page he couldn’t remember anything he’d just read.

He was still far too distracted.

Aaron’s phone vibrated on his desk. He looked over at it. It was a text from Paul.

“Can I come over in a bit?”

Aaron stared back at the phone. Hell no, he thought to himself.

Aaron grabbed it and started typing. He was about to press send, but he stopped before he did.

He thought back to what Paul meant to him. All those years. All that kindness.

I should at least hear him out.

He deleted what he’d written and started typing again. “Sure. See you soon.”

About a half hour passed before Aaron heard a knock on the door.

He was lying on his bed, watching the local news and scrolling through his phone. He’d taken off his shoes, socks and tie and hung his jacket. He was still wearing his cream-colored dress shirt and dark blue suit pants.

He set the phone on his dresser and turned the TV down. He walked to the door and opened it.

Paul stood there in a dark blue polo. He was wearing olive drab pants that seemed designed to be worn outdoors. Probably bowhunting, Aaron thought to himself.

Paul’s arms were crossed, his hands wrapped around the opposite bicep.

He was looking down at the floor when Aaron opened the door. He looked up.

Aaron saw something he’d never seen in Paul’s face: sadness. Perhaps even sorrow.


“Hey,” Aaron replied softly. “Come in.”

He turned around and Paul followed him into the living room.

Aaron’s apartment wasn’t large, but it looked nice. It was well furnished and he kept it clean and tidy. That wasn’t hard though, given how little time he actually spent there between work and time back in Illinois.

The living room had a nice leather couch, big enough to sit three people. Directly across from the couch the wall opened up into the kitchen. At the counter there were a couple of stools for eating. There was an alcove just before you got into the kitchen with a washer and dryer in it.

In the corner of the room there was a matching desk and bookshelf. A poster from Aaron’s first Congressional campaign was framed on the wall.

“Anything to drink?” Aaron asked.

“Nah, I’m good. Thanks though,” Paul responded.

Aaron nodded and sat down in the swivel chair at his desk. Paul found a spot in the middle of the couch.

They sat in silence for a minute, listening to the low rumble of the TV in the other room. Both stared down at the floor, avoiding eye contact with one another.

“So…” Aaron finally said, looking up at Paul. I’m certainly not going to be leading this conversation, he thought to himself.

“Why didn’t you come over and say hello earlier? Why’d you storm out?” Paul shot back at Aaron. His voice was forceful.

Aaron kept his gaze right on Paul. “Seemed like you and Adam were having a bit of a moment.”

“A bit of a moment?” Aaron could sense confusion in Paul’s voice.

“I saw the look on your face, Paul. I know that look,” Aaron replied coolly.

Paul stared at Aaron, his mouth open slightly.

“How long has that been going on for?”

Paul stared back at Aaron a moment longer. He looked away and shook his head in disbelief.

“Aaron, you don’t think, Adam and I…” he started to say.

Aaron cut him off. “Tell me why I shouldn’t think that.”

“Aaron, Aaron… no, no.”

“Then tell me why I shouldn’t think that. Tell me what’s going on.” Aaron’s voice was rising.

“Aaron, I didn’t ask Adam to meet me there tonight to… try to pick him up or anything. We were just talking.”

Paul was still shaking his head slightly. He seemed nearly befuddled. Aaron had never seen his handsome face look this way.

“Really? You met him all the way over in Dupont Circle – right near his place – just to chat.” Aaron had crossed his arms and was starting right into Paul’s eyes. His voice kept rising.

Paul shook his head quicker. “We wanted some privacy, away from the Hill”

“Privacy to talk about what?” Aaron demanded.

Paul threw his hands up in exasperation. “Aaron, we were talking about you!”

Aaron stared back at Paul. He didn’t understand.

They were talking about him?

Paul’s piercing eyes looked straight into Aaron. “I know you’ve been torn up over Adam for weeks now, and he’s been torn up over you for longer.”

Aaron said nothing. He wasn’t sure if he believed Paul.

“I wanted to talk to him about the two of you. I wanted to tell him that you two have got to get back to the way things used to be, for both of your sakes.

You two need each other. You’re just about perfect together.”

Aaron kept a poker face, his eyes still trained on Paul.

“It breaks my heart to see you guys like this when what should happen is so obvious.”

By the time he finished, Aaron could tell by the tone of his voice he was being sincere. But it still didn’t make sense.

“If you were trying to get us back together, why were you looking at him like that then?” Aaron’s voice was much softer and quieter.

Paul grinned back and chuckled to himself.

“I was thinking about you, Aaron.”

He paused for a moment.

“That’s why I had that look on my face. Adam was telling me a story and I was thinking about you!

Do you understand, Aaron?”

Yes, he did. Aaron understood. It all made sense.

Aaron turned is gaze away from Paul and began staring back down at the carpet. Paul did the same. A minute passed.

Paul broke the silence. “Aaron, this has been… wild. Amazing. But, it’s not something I… do. At least not anymore.”

Aaron nodded, still looking down.

“There was just… something about you. It felt right. It felt… incredible.”

Paul paused another moment.

“But it wasn’t right. It hurt you. It hurt the two of you.”

Aaron said nothing. He had no idea what to say, anyways.

Paul continued. “It can’t go on anymore. For all sorts of reasons. But the most important one is that you don’t belong with me or with anyone else. You belong with Adam. And you’re the only one who can’t see it!”

“The only one?” Aaron said, looking back up at Paul.

Paul gave Aaron a credulous look.

“Oh come on, Aaron, everyone knows. You two were not exactly subtle. I’m pretty shocked there hasn’t been a story in Politico yet.”

Maybe Paul had a point. Aaron glanced over at the plaid grey pants sitting on top of the laundry machine.

He nodded.

They sat in silence for another moment, avoiding eye contact.

“I’m sorry, Aaron,” Paul said

Aaron looked at him.

“Don’t be,” Aaron said, his voice firm.

“You’re right. It’s not something that was meant to last. It can’t go on.”

Paul nodded. Aaron continued.

“But that doesn’t mean it wasn’t amazing. And it doesn’t mean we won’t always have those times together.

Just you and me. Us.”

Paul grinned back at Aaron. He nodded slowly, slowly looking away as he did.

Aaron grinned back. What a man.

“I should go,” Paul said, suddenly standing.

“Wait,” Aaron blurted out, surprising himself.

Paul looked at him.

“You’re already here,” Aaron replied, a sultry tone to his voice.

“What’s one more time going to hurt?”

Paul looked back at Aaron, his mouth moving towards a frown. “Aaron, I don’t think that’s the best…”

Aaron cut him off.

“C’mon Paul.”

Paul stayed silent. Aaron continued.

“Think of it as… break-up sex.”

Paul peered back at Aaron for several moments.

A sly, thin grin slowly spread across his face.

“OK,” he whispered softly.

Aaron grinned. Might as well go for it.

“I want to switch things up though.” Aaron had a playful tone in his voice.

Paul slowly raised his eyebrows. “O… K…” he said, his grin growing a little bigger.

Aaron grabbed Paul’s hand and led him into the bedroom. The only light came from the street lamps several floors below and the glow of the TV.

Paul sat down on the edge of the bed, his arms extended behind him towards the center of the mattress. Aaron walked into the bathroom. He rummaged through some drawers until he found what he’d need.

He walked back to Paul, setting the items on the dresser.

Aaron stood in front of him, unbuttoning and removing his shirt as Paul watched.

Paul reached up with his right hand and ran it down Aaron’s muscular chest, lingering on his abs.

“Fuck,” Paul murmured. “I’d forgotten…”

Aaron unbuckled his belt and pants. They fell to the floor. He was wearing a pair of trunks, light grey around the hips and light red in the crotch.

Aaron’s bulge was quite visible. The tip of his cock was practically sticking out of the top of his underwear.

Paul moved the same hand he’d had on Aaron’s chest to his left hip. He paused so his fingertips lightly rested for a moment on Aaron’s firm backside.

Paul slowly moved his hand towards Aaron’s cock, placing it on top of the fabric that covered it.

Aaron lightly shuttered from pleasure. He hadn’t felt this horny in weeks. And now it’s Paul who’s going to take care of that.

Paul moved his hand up and reached inside of Aaron’s trunks. He pulled out Aaron’s cock. It was rock-hard.

Paul stroked it three times before letting it go. He grabbed Aaron’s underwear and pulled it down.

Aaron’s balls were hanging low beneath the base of his sizable shaft. Paul lightly moved both of them between his fingers. He looked up at Aaron as he did it.

Aaron stared back at him, smiling. He wanted Paul to know how good it felt. How good this all felt.

Paul let go of Aaron’s balls. He pulled his polo off over his head, revealing his lightly hairy, well-toned torso. He threw the shirt to the side and moved his hands back behind him. He looked at Aaron and cocked his head.

Aaron was still smiling at him.

“Do you think you can take this cock in you?” he asked Paul.

“Yes,” Paul replied matter-of-factly.

“There’s one thing I have to do first though,” he added.

Paul slid off the bed and on to his knees in front of Aaron. He grabbed Aaron’s cock and put his mouth around it.

By the fourth pass he’d taken all of it in, his nose rubbing up against the thin patch of hair above the base of Aaron’s shaft. One of his hands rested firmly on Aaron’s right hip, the other slid up and down the side of Aaron’s left thigh.

Aaron looked down, and then back up. He closed his eyes as he felt the ecstasy of Paul’s tongue moving up and down his cock.

Aaron didn’t worry about forgetting how it felt. He knew he’d remember it.

Aaron let Paul work for several more minutes. He knew how much Paul liked it. But soon Aaron couldn’t wait any longer.

He’d been resting his hands on Paul’s shoulder. He moved them up so they were both on the back of Paul’s head.

“Paul,” he whispered.

Paul pulled his head back, letting the cock stand on it’s own. It glistened with his saliva and Aaron’s precum. He looked up at Aaron.

“I wanna fuck you,” Aaron murmured.

Paul stood up. He moved his head in. Their lips locked.

Fireworks. Aaron could have stood there kissing him for hours, moving his tongue around Paul’s. But he couldn’t wait any longer.

He stepped back away and walked towards the dresser. He grabbed what he needed and prepared himself.

Paul kicked his shoes to the side of the room and removed his socks. He unzipped his pants and pulled them down.

His thick cock sprung to attention through the opening in the front of his light blue boxer shorts.

Aaron looked over and grinned. “That’s what I remember,” he playfully cooed.

Paul chuckled as he removed the boxers. He tossed them to the side and looked back at Aaron.

They looked at each other, taking the other in. Both had looks of quiet awe on their faces as their eyes moved up and down.

Aaron walked towards Paul and grabbed his hand again. He led him to an open spot on the wall.

He leaned into Paul’s ear. “Trust me,” he whispered, barely audible.

Paul nodded.

Aaron grabbed Paul’s strong arms from behind and put his hands up against the wall on top of each other. The forearms formed an upside down V. Paul softly leaned his forehead into the wall.

“Fuck me, Aaron,” he said in a low voice, almost growling.

Aaron took his cock and slid it into Paul. He was tight – very tight. Aaron moved slowly, making sure Paul could handle it.

“Harder,” Paul moaned after several minutes of this.

You got it.

Aaron leaned onto Paul, resting his torso against his back. He began pounding harder and harder into Paul, speeding up and then slowing down, just as Paul had done to him.

Paul moaned in delight. Aaron could make out the word “fuck” ever now and then, but mostly the sounds were unintelligible, almost primal.

Aaron kept going. Paul’s pleasure fed his own.

Aaron kept one hand on the wall for balance as he continued to fuck Paul, but he ran his other hand up and down Paul’s chest, lingering to play with the nipples. “FUCKKK,” Paul yelled.

Aaron moved the hand down to Paul’s cock. It was tough for Aaron to give him a proper handjob while he was pounding him, but he gave Paul a few strokes as best he could. Paul’s moaning grew louder.

Eventually, Aaron could feel it was time. “I’m gonnna come,” he moaned.

“Inside of me… Come inside of me,” Paul replied between breaths, struggling to keep up with Aaron.

Aaron thrust himself forward one last time and put his full weight on to Paul’s back. He released his load. Each stream felt better and better. It must have taken nearly 10 seconds before he felt the last of it had come out.

He and Paul stood there for several minutes, Aaron resting on his back, Paul resting on the wall. Both took long, deep breaths. Aaron could feel Paul’s sweat against the cheek of his face. He could smell him, just inches away from his nose. It was intoxicating.

Finally Aaron pulled out. He walked to bathroom and threw his load into the toilet. He walked back out to find Paul lying on the bed, spread eagle. His head was resting on a pillow.

Time to finish the job.

Aaron got on his knees on the foot of the bed, between Paul’s legs. Paul’s cock was still hard, and Aaron knew it wouldn’t take long. It was practically dripping already.

He leaned in and took Paul into his mouth. Maybe he’d just forgotten, but it tasted even better than the first time.

Aaron ran his right hand up through Paul’s thicker hair, past his belly button and rested it on his stomach. He started working the shaft, flicking his tongue right where he knew Paul liked it.

Paul was still moaning, though softer than when he was getting fucked.

Only a few minutes went by before Aaron heard Paul call out “Ohhh, fuck, fuck. Here it comes.”

Aaron kept going until he felt the warm come in his mouth. He kept his lips sealed tightly around Paul’s cock as Paul let his load out.

Aaron swallowed without fully taking his mouth off Paul’s cock. He moved his tongue around the tip, making sure he got ever last drop. It was the least he could do.

After he was sure he’d gotten it all, he climbed over Paul’s leg and lay down next to him. He rested his head on the other pillow.

Neither said a word. They lay next to each other, looking upwards, until their breath returned to normal.

Aaron savored the moment, knowing it would never happen again.

Once they’d recovered, Paul hopped off the bed and stood up. He began gathering his clothes and putting them back on.

Aaron watched him from the bed.

He really is an incredible person, Aaron thought too himself. Maybe too incredible.

When Paul was fully dressed, he turned and looked at Aaron. He smiled.

Aaron felt his heart melt just a little bit more. He didn’t think it was possible after what he’d just been through.

Paul paused for a moment.

“You’re really something, Aaron.”

Aaron looked back at him.

“You too, Paul,” he replied. “See you around.”

Paul nodded, still smiling. He turned and walked out of the bedroom. Aaron heard his apartment door open and then shut.

Paul was gone.

Aaron kept lying on the bed, staring up at the bumps on the ceiling. His mind wandered, taking it all in.

A few seconds later heard his phone vibrate, knocking him back in to reality.

Weird. Who’d text him at this hour?

He leaned up and reached over to his dresser to grab it, squinting to see through the dim light.

“Hey bud. You awake? Wanna talk with you.”

It was Adam.

Aaron smiled.

Part 2


“You’re joking,” Adam said for the third time.

“I’m really not,” Aaron replied, looking down at his oatmeal. He stirred it for a few seconds before looking back up.

Adam still had a look of stunned disbelief on his face, his mouth open slightly.

Aaron smiled. “Your breakfast is getting cold, buddy.”

Adam shook his head as he grabbed his fork and speared one of the sausages on his plate.

It had been almost two weeks since Aaron and Paul’s late night meeting. Aaron hadn’t spoken about it with anyone, including Paul.

He felt it was time to tell Adam though.

Adam was a few years older than Aaron. He’d arrived in Washington, D.C. two years after Aaron had. Their Illinois districts touched each other.

Adam had been an Air Force pilot before getting elected to Congress. He’d flown all over the world, including missions in Afghanistan and Iraq, and had risen to become a Major.

A man in uniform. That’s what had first caught Aaron’s eye.

Aaron would never admit to Adam they’d been in a relationship. But Aaron knew that’s what it had been. They’d been inseparable both in D.C. and back in Illinois, eating and spending as much time together as their schedules allowed. Aaron had confided in Adam things he’d never told anyone. He presumed the same was true on Adam’s end.

Aaron had also lost track long ago how many times they’d been together. 

It had been months since they’d even kissed though. Aaron had insisted they cut it off, despite Adam’s protests. It was too risky, Aaron argued. Plus, what would happen if they ended up on different sides of some political dispute? It was best to keep work and personal life separate.

Adam eventually came around to Aaron’s thinking. Or at least he told Aaron he did.

Aaron didn’t tell Adam the other reason. He knew Adam wouldn’t take it well, and Aaron valued their friendship too much to risk it.

It’s not that Aaron thought there was anything wrong with Adam. Aaron loved so much about him. He was hardworking, passionate, selfless. He always knew how to make Aaron laugh, and he always knew what to say when Aaron was in a foul mood.

And the sex was great. Never a dull moment with Adam in the bedroom. Aaron got hard just thinking about it.

But it just didn’t feel quite right to Aaron. It wasn’t what he imagined love should feel like.

Of course, Aaron wasn’t sure there was someone else out there who it ever would feel right with. But he wanted to find out. That wasn’t going to happen if he never got to know anybody but Adam.

“So are you guys going to, you know, see each other again?” asked Adam, looking over Aaron’s shoulder to make sure no one was listening in. Aaron wasn’t worried. They were in a corner in the basement House cafeteria and were keeping their voices low enough.

“No idea,” Aaron replied. He was pleased that, after twenty minutes, Adam seemed to have finally accepted what Aaron had told him.

“I haven’t brought it up with Paul. And I don’t plan to,” he added. I’d certainly like to see him again though, Aaron thought to himself.

Adam nodded, nibbling on the edge of his styrofoam cup.

“Was it good?” he said, after a brief pause.

Aaron exhaled deeply. “Yeah, it was good,” he answered a few moments later.

“I’ve honestly never felt anything like it. It was like I was on drugs or something. Some of the things he could do with his tongue…”

Adam chuckled softly and looked away. Most people wouldn’t have noticed, but it looked to Aaron like he was clinching his jaw ever so slightly.

They sat in silence for several seconds.

“I’ve got a meeting,” Aaron said, standing up. “See you on the floor.”

Adam looked up and nodded. “Have a good day,” he stated flatly.


Maybe he shouldn’t have told Adam, Aaron thought to himself. He was walking through the long underground tunnel between his office building and the U.S. Capitol. The bells had rung a few minutes ago for five o’clock votes.

But if not Adam, who else could Aaron have told? There was no else he’d possibly trust enough to share it with, and it had been driving him nuts keeping it inside.

Yes, Adam had looked hurt. But he’d be alright. He would’ve said something it was really bothering him. Their friendship would be fine.

Aaron pondered the morning’s breakfast another time or two before he reached the House floor. It was crowded with Members and staff milling about, looking for familiar faces to chat with while the vote clock ticked down.

Aaron looked up at the display screen, unsure what they were voting on. “An Act To Reclassify Certain Categories of Minerals Under the Federal Land Policy and Management Act, And For Other Purposes.” Thrilling. He found one of the electronic voting machines, stuck his card in, and pressed the “Yes” button.

“Aaaaron. Stayin’ out of trrrouble?”

Aaron turned around. He was nearly face to face with the Speaker.

Aaron laughed. “Absolutely, sir. No trouble here,” he told Boehner. The Speaker’s speech was already slurring.

“Gooood, good,” he replied, patting Aaron on the back before heading down the aisle.

Aaron wandered down towards the front of the chamber as well. He found Adam chatting with a member from Florida and another from Arizona. An intense discussion about college basketball was underway.

After a few minutes had passed, Aaron saw him out of the corner of his eye.

Paul was chatting with another committee chairman. Paul didn’t have a hair out of place, as per usual. His stripped olive-green-and-white tie was perfectly knotted. He had his sales job face on and seemed to be working his colleague over pretty hard.

Paul could convince just about anyone on their side of the aisle to do just about anything. It was incredible to watch him work.

Sometimes they didn’t need much convincing though, Aaron thought while smiling to himself. He was starting to feel a bit of pressure against the inside of his pants

Aaron kept Paul in his peripheral vision as he turned his attention back to the conversation.

After a few more minutes, Paul and the other chairman wrapped up their chat. Paul stepped away and turned his head back and forth. He seemed to be looking for someone. Aaron kept flicking his eyes over to see what he was doing.

Finally, Paul spied Aaron. Paul smiled and started to walk towards him.

Here we go, Aaron thought to himself.

Aaron and Paul hadn’t talked since their encounter two weeks prior. That wasn’t odd though; they’d regularly go that long without chatting. Paul wasn’t avoiding him, Aaron knew. He was a busy man.

“What’s up, guys?” Paul asked the group. He placed his hand on Aaron’s left shoulder.

Aaron looked over at Adam, whose eyes were darting back and forth between Paul and Aaron faster than a hummingbird.

“Just talkin’ about the Wisconsin game tonight,” the member from Florida responded. “I can guess who you’ve got picked.”

Paul laughed. “Can’t root against the hometown team, can I?”

“Fair enough, fair enough,” the Floridian responded light-heartedly.

Aaron felt Paul’s hand rub his shoulder ever so slightly. His bulge grew.

“I actually wanted to steal Aaron for a second,” Paul told the other members. “Aaron?”

“Yeah, yeah, definitely,” Aaron quickly spat out.

As Aaron and Paul headed to an empty spot against the wall, Aaron snuck a glance back at Adam. His eyes had grown to the size of dinner plates.

“You have plans tonight?” Paul asked Aaron as they walked.

“Uhh, no, no. Nothing solid,” Aaron replied. He had a hunch where this was headed.

“So you’d be down to grab a drink? Sometime pretty late?” Paul said, raising his eyebrows and lowering his voice as they reached the wall.

“Sure, absolutely,” Aaron murmured back.

“Great. Off the Record, in the Hay-Adams. 10:30,” Paul shot back.

“Yeah, definitely. See you there,” Aaron said, his mind racing.

“See you there,” Paul said cheerfully. He smiled at Aaron.

Aaron nodded as Paul turned and walked away, out of the House chambers.

This cannot be real, Aaron told himself.

He quickly shuffled off the floor before anyone could notice the tent he’d pitched in his pants.


Off the Record was one of the nicest bars in Washington, D.C. Located in the stunning Hay-Adams hotel just a few blocks from the White House, it was a frequent haunt for Members of Congress and lobbyists.

Aaron knew that he and Paul having a drink there wouldn’t seem odd at all. He was actually kind of relieved that Paul had picked it. Paul would never bring up their meeting there. There would be far too many people they might know.

Paul already had a drink in his hand when Aaron arrived a few minutes after 10:30. He was sitting in a booth midway along the wall, scrolling through his phone. He heard Aaron coming and looked up.

Paul shot Aaron that same sly, thin grin Aaron had seen once before.

Holy fuck, Aaron whispered to himself. He instantly detected movement in his pants.

“What are we drinking tonight?” Aaron asked as he sat down. His voice was more chipper than he expected. He was having a very hard time supressing the grin on his face.

“Whiskey sours, “ Paul replied with an upbeat tone in his voice. He motioned to the waiter as he put his phone away. He’d removed his tie from earlier in the day and the top few buttons on his dress shirt were open.

As Aaron expected, Paul started talking shop. He had all sorts of ideas, all sorts of policy proposals bouncing around in his head. And he had all sorts of plans to get what he wanted.

Aaron mostly listened, nodding, adding intelligent comments where he could. Eventually Paul turned to football, then hunting.

It didn’t really matter what he was talking about though. Aaron could have sat there listening to him talk about anything for days. It was sublime, just watching Paul’s face, the gleam in his eyes, listening to his laugh, taking him in.

They’d gone through several rounds of drinks. Aaron felt warm. A semi had been resting comfortably in his slacks for at least a half hour.

Paul finally brought it up.

“That was a lot of fun the other night,” Paul suddenly said, looking straight into Aaron’s eyes.

Aaron opened his mouth but no words came out.

“Yeah, yeah. It was fun alright, ” he sputtered out after a few seconds, nodding and with a chuckle in his voice.

Paul grinned softly.

“I bet you weren’t expecting that to happen, were you?” he said, still looking into Aaron’s eyes.

Fuck, Aaron thought to himself. Those eyes. That smile.

Again, Aaron couldn’t find words.

“I, uhh - wasn’t. It was uhh - a welcome surprise though,” Aaron said, finally.

Paul sat there softly grinning at Aaron, his gaze unmoving.

“I know you know it, but you’re really fucking hot,” Paul told Aaron.

Aaron quickly looked around the bar. He was not at all sure that they weren’t being overheard. He knew there was a couple in the booth behind Paul.

Paul seemed completely unfazed. “Had you ever come for that long before?” he added. “I know I hadn’t.

Aaron stared back at Paul. “No, never,” he said.

He paused.

“Honestly, I’ve never felt like I did that night,” he added.

It was the truth. Aaron was surprised by how calmly he said it though. He could feel his confidence growing. He could also feel his cock growing.

Paul looked away from Aaron and started rummaging in his coat. He pulled out a room key and looked back across the table.

“Come upstairs, Aaron.”

Aaron looked at the key, looked at Paul, looked back at the key, and then looked back at Paul.

He nodded.

After leaving enough cash on the table, the two walked out the bar, straight for the wall of elevators.

Paul put his arm around Aaron’s waist as the elevator door closed behind them. Aaron leaned his head on to Paul’s chest as they began their silent ascent. Aaron could feel Paul’s breathing, steady and strong.

It was incredible. Paul was incredible.

Paul opened the door to the room for Aaron, motioning for him to go inside. Aaron did.

He glanced around the room. It was beautiful, with carved wooden furniture. The window was open, looking down on the White House. A large, king bed with white linens lay before them.

Aaron heard the door close behind him. He felt Paul’s arms wrap around his waist from the back. Paul slid his left hand down until it was on top of the bulge that was Aaron’s throbbing cock.

Aaron closed his eyes. He felt Paul softly kiss him on the neck.

This was it. The moment Aaron had dreamed of. It was now or never.

“I want you to fuck me,” Aaron said, opening his eyes and looking straight ahead. He was surprised by the volume of his voice.

A moment passed.

“I’ve been waiting to hear you say that,” Paul murmured softly into Aaron’s right ear.

Aaron exhaled deeply, all the tension exiting his body. It was happening.

Paul let go of Aaron and walked to the armchair across the room.

Only Aaron’s eyes moved as he watched Paul undress. As Paul pulled his gray boxer briefs down, his fully erect cock bounced out.

It just as big and just as thick as Aaron remembered it. He wanted to feel it in him so badly.

Before walking back towards Aaron, Paul reached into the same coat pocket he’d withdrawn the room key from. He pulled out the necessary supplies for what they were about to do and set them on the dresser.

Be prepared, Aaron remarked to himself.

Paul locked lips with Aaron as soon as he reached him. As their tongues and mouths resumed the dance that had been interrupted two weeks prior, Paul took Aaron’s jacket, shirt and belt off.

Paul kneeled down, unbuttoning Aaron’s slacks and pulling them down. He reached back up and pulled down the black briefs Aaron was wearing. Aaron’s cut cock sprang to attention. Precum was visible on the head.

Paul grasped it and put his mouth around it. Aaron moaned as Paul flicked his tongue against the underside of the tip.

Paul pulled off after a few moments though. He looked up at Aaron, smiling.

“Sorry. Couldn’t waste an opportunity.”

Aaron looked down at him. All he could manage to utter in response was a low, long “Fuckkkkk”.

Paul stood and headed to the dresser while Aaron removed his shoes and socks. After he finished, he laid down on the bed, his legs over the side. He stared up at the ceiling, savoring the moment.

Paul walked back to Aaron, throwing the used wrapper on the ground.

He positioned himself between Aaron’s legs. Paul leaned down onto Aaron’s torso. Their faces were just inches away.

“You ready?” Paul asked calmly.

“Fuck me,” Aaron urged.

Paul grabbed the backside of Aaron’s legs and lifted them up, resting Aaron’s calves on his muscular shoulders.

He ran his hand along Aaron’s torso, lingering on the six-pack. Aaron looked at Paul’s face, staring down at him, admiring his body. 

Aaron laid his head back, smiling. He had never felt better.

Paul grabbed his own cock, and slid it into Aaron, gently.

“How’s that feel?” Paul whispered to Aaron after it was all in.

Again, a “fuck me” was all that Aaron could offer back.

Paul did as requested.

He went slower at first, finding his rhythm. Aaron moaned his approval and stroked his own cock occasionally as Paul went.

Paul sped up, readjusting his arms to make sure he had a grip on Aaron’s legs. Aaron moaned louder.

He guessed this went on for ten, fifteen, maybe twenty minutes? Aaron had no clue; he was lost in Paul’s movements. After speeding up and plateauing, Paul would slow down, taking it more tenderly and gently, letting Aaron catch his breath.

“Harder,” Aaron groaned when he was ready for more. And Paul would start again.

Paul eventually began pounding Aaron so hard it was difficult for him to hold on to Aaron legs. Paul put his hands on either side of Aaron’s head, leaning over him. They looked into each others’ eyes as Paul fucked Aaron, strong and steady, over and over.

“Fuckkkk, I’m going to come,” Paul finally said.

“Inside me,” Aaron moaned.

Paul kept moving as long as he could. He stopped only when he came.

“FUCKKK,” Paul yelled, leaning over Aaron as he released his load inside of him.

Aaron stared up and watched Paul’s face as it happened. Aaron had never seen a look of such pleasure on another man’s face.

Aaron had also never felt hornier, and as Paul unloaded inside of him, Aaron released his own load onto his chest.

It flew out. A bit landed on the underside of Paul’s chin. Paul didn’t seem to notice, eyes closed, still recovering.

After a moment passed, Paul collapsed onto the bed beside Aaron. They both lay there, catching their breath, experiencing the moment together.

Paul stood after several minutes and walked to the bathroom. He reemerged moments later with a towel he threw at Aaron. Paul turned back around; Aaron could hear the water running.

Aaron cleaned himself up as best he could, completely exhausted. He could still feel Paul’s thick cock inside of him, pushing deep, in and out.

Paul came back to the bed and pulled down the covers. He grasped Aaron firmly and helped him get under them, before going to the other side to get in himself.

“I should go,” Aaron mumbled.

“No,” Paul said, lying down and putting his arm around Aaron. “You should stay.”

Aaron said no more. He lay there, starring at the street light reflected on the wall, feeling Paul’s chest against his back After a few minutes the movements grew regular, and Aaron knew Paul had fallen asleep.

Aaron closed his eyes. He listened to the sound of Paul’s breathing as he drifted to sleep as well.

Part 1


It was his smile, Aaron had decided.

Not to say that was all, though. There were a lot of things Aaron liked about Paul. Of course, he was tall, slender, dark-haired. His eyes were reassuring and handsome.

He was obsessive about his personal fitness. He cared deeply about those close to him. He had an outstanding sense of humor, but he never resorted to jokes about others. His laugh could make any room come alive.

And there was his intellect. His vision. His ability to see how things were possible that no one else could.

But most of all, it was his smile. Mischievous, yet kind, and friendly. It was a smile that caused Aaron to feel something deep inside, no matter how many times he saw it.

He had only known Paul for a few years, but he’d known who Paul was for much longer. Aaron first read about Paul in the papers while Aaron was finishing high school in Peoria. A 28-year-old from just a few hours north of him, in Janesville, Wisconsin, had gotten elected to the United States Congress.

Very impressive, Aaron thought to himself. And very good-looking.

Less than a decade later, at the age of 27, Aaron got elected as well. He’d had a meteoric rise during his 20’s – becoming a school board president and a member of the Illinois state legislature. He was one to watch, people would say.

And now he was in Congress. And so was Paul.


It was early on a Wednesday morning. Aaron had just finished his workout in the member’s gym, located deep in the winding hallways of one of the U.S. House office buildings.

Aaron cared deeply about his physique, and he was proud of it. Perhaps just as proud as he was of his professional accomplishments. Two years before he’d landed himself on the cover of Men’s Health – “America’s fittest Congressman” the writer proclaimed. It was probably true.

But Aaron knew there was at least one other man who worked as hard at his fitness as he did. His was the body that Aaron really wanted.

He hadn’t seen Paul yet that morning, which was odd. Aaron kept a pretty close eye out for him, and Paul was a creature of habit.

Seeing Paul was always one of the treats of Aaron’s morning – chatting with him about the day ahead, what had been in the news, what his work out was that morning.

And, of course, Paul would always smile when he saw him.

Aaron rounded the corner, headed to the locker room on the other side of the basketball court. And that’s when he spotted him, playing a pick-up game on the near court with a few of the other younger members.

Paul looked better than usual today. Aaron wasn’t sure why though. It was the same tight, cut-off, Miami of Ohio t-shirt and black shorts Aaron had seen Paul in countless times before. Same trim, fit, sexy body. Maybe he’d gotten a haircut?

“Hey, Aaron!”

He snapped out of it. He’d been staring. Shit.

“Oh hey, Paul, how’s it going?”

“Another beautiful day,” Paul said, jogging over and flashing Aaron a smile.

Goddam him, Aaron though, his heart melting.

“How was your work out?” Paul asked.

“Good, good,” Aaron sputtered. “Lower body day, calves and thighs.”

“Important stuff,” Paul replied, nodding, smiling again. “I thought I’d switch things up a bit today, shoot some hoops instead.”

“Yeah, definitely,” Aaron said. “Gotta do something different every now and then, right?”

Paul chuckled. “Absolutely, absolutely.”

Aaron paused, unsure what to say. How long had he been staring? More importantly, how long had Paul noticed him staring?

It wasn’t the first time it had happened. Aaron assumed Paul knew by now, anyways. Paul wasn’t dumb, and Aaron had had some pretty obvious slip-ups over the past few years.

“Say, Aaron,” Paul murmured quietly, interrupting Aaron’s panicked thoughts. “Why don’t you stop by my office tonight. Something I want to talk to you about.”

“Uhh - sure,” Aaron quickly replied, curious and surprised.

“Awesome,” Paul said. “I’ve got a reception tonight, but I should be back by 10. See you then.”

He patted Aaron on the shoulder, grinned, and jogged back to the game.

“What the hell was that about?” Aaron said to himself, his mind racing. Does he want help with the debt limit push? Does he wanna talk about 2016? Maybe he just wants to chat, hang out?

That thought excited Aaron the most. Aaron felt Paul liked him – he was always giving him important issues to tackle on Ways and Means, and he was always happy to spare a moment. But Aaron thought they could be much, much closer if Paul got to know him better. Paul was always so busy though, and -

“Welll if it isn’t Doogie Howser,” Tom cracked from behind, cutting off Aaron’s thoughts.

Aaron turned around. “Oh. Hi, Tom,” he answered back, before heading to get changed.


Aaron had a hard time focusing on his meetings for the rest of the day.

That was unusual for him. Most of the time he was engaged in whatever his staff put in front of him. It was the only way you could succeed in this town. The days went so quick and there was so much to do. You couldn’t clutter your mind with anything other than the task at hand.

And yet, Aaron couldn’t stop thinking about Paul, or their rendezvous tonight. He hadn’t been this excited in months. Just he and Paul, together.

Aaron had to suppress a semi just imagining it, which he knew was ridiculous. Nothing like that was going to be happening. Paul was in the “look, don’t touch” category, much to Aaron’s dismay.

He’d come to terms with this fact over the years though. There were enough other handsome and discreet men around for Aaron to stay happy. Thoughts of Paul would stay in his head. Nothing more than a nice fantasy to think about every now and then.

By 10 that night, Aaron could hardly sit still. He left his office, locked the door, and headed for Paul’s, which was located in the next building over. The hallways were empty by this point, except for the cleaning crews.

Aaron would have normally left long before now as well, back to the modest apartment he rented in Dupont Circle. A few members, like Paul, slept in their office to save money. Aaron didn’t care for that. He wanted privacy, and convenience.

He reached Paul’s office on the third floor. He could hear the TV on inside; it sounded like ESPN.

Aaron knocked. “One second!” he heard Paul yell from inside.

A few seconds later, Paul opened the door. He was shirtless, wearing only an old pair of Packers gym shorts. It was obvious to Aaron he wasn’t wearing anything under them.

Aaron stared, his mouth agape. After a moment or two passed he managed to stammer out, “Hey, Paul. What’s up?”

Paul chuckled. “Come on in,” he said, turning around and heading back into the office.

Aaron composed himself and stepped in, closing the door behind him.

It wasn’t as if Aaron had never seen Paul without his shirt on before. Hell, Aaron saw Paul naked in the locker room all the time.

But this seemed different to Aaron. He felt as if he was just now seeing Paul’s body for the first time.

And he liked what he saw. Unlike Aaron, who was naturally smooth on his whole torso, Paul’s upper chest had a thin covering of black hair. His pecs were well-defined, as were his arms, and the visible six-pack he had spent years toning. A tuft of hair was visible just below his belly button, before getting cut off by the waistband on his shorts.

“How was the event?” Aaron asked, before spying an armchair and sitting down in it.

“Ah, it was alright,” Paul replied, lying down on the pull-out bed in the middle of the room, propping his head up with his arm. “Bunch of crazies. Told ‘em what they wanted to hear.”

Aaron nodded. He snuck a glance at Paul’s shorts. They didn’t leave much to the imagination. Aaron felt himself getting hard underneath his khakis.

Paul’s office was a little more cluttered than Aaron’s, but it wasn’t untidy by any means. On the wall were the usual hangings found in a Congressional office – a painting or two from a local artist, photographs of scenic vistas from the Congressional district.

A TV was mounted on one wall, and across from it the bed Paul was lying on had been pulled-out from a couch. The desk was covered with stacks of binders and briefing papers. A cheesehead hat rested on top of a bookcase in the corner.

Paul seemed to be intently watching the story being shown on ESPN. Aaron didn’t want to interrupt.

When the show went to commercial, Paul turned to look at Aaron. He had a sly, thin smile on his face. Aaron couldn’t remember ever seeing it before, but he felt his growing cock stiffen instantly.

“You’re really something, Aaron,” Paul said.

Aaron paused and smiled, baffled by what was going on. “Uhh - thanks, Paul.”

Paul smiled and looked down at the bed. Aaron could feel his heart-pounding beneath his light blue dress shirt.

“I think you’re really something too, Paul,” he said. “I’ve thought that for a very long time,” Aaron added. Why did he say that? Did that sound weird? What was going on?

Paul leaned up and lifted himself off the bed. He walked the few steps over to Aaron’s chair and sat halfway on one of the arms.

Before Aaron knew what was happening, Paul leaned in and kissed him.

Aaron’s mind had never felt like this before. It was beyond racing. He wasn’t even thinking anymore. All he was conscious of was Paul’s warm body leaning into his, their lips and tongues meeting for the first time.

Paul reached up and ran one of his hands through Aaron’s hair as they continued kissing. His other was placed firmly on Aaron’s thigh. Aaron had no idea how long they sat like that. Time had stopped in his mind.

Then, suddenly, Paul was standing. He grabbed one of Aaron’s hands and looked at him. He smirked, tugged Aaron’s hand, and nodded to the bed.

Aaron stood, stepped and slid on to the bed. Within moments Paul’s body was on top of his, embracing him. Their lips met again, restarting what had been so long in coming.

Another minute passed before Paul stopped and began unbuttoning Aaron’s shirt. Aaron laid back, his eyes looking up at the high ceiling, trying to process what was going on.

“Fuck, you’re hot,” Paul whispered, staring down at Aaron’s chest. Aaron smiled, looking up at the man he’d thought about for years.

“You want this, don’t you?” Paul asked Aaron, an unsure look on his face.

“Fuck, yes,” Aaron responded. “I want this more than anything.”

Paul smiled. He leaned down and kissed Aaron one more time.

Aaron grabbed Paul’s shoulders. He definitely wanted this, and he knew exactly what he wanted.

He flipped Paul over so he was lying on his back. Aaron was now on top of him, looking down into Paul’s handsome eyes.

He started to kiss Paul’s chest. Paul’s pecs were firm, his nipples were hard, and he smelled so good. Aaron’s hand wandered down until it was on top of Paul’s crotch, on the outside of the gym shorts. He found what he was looking for, already hard as a rock. Jackpot.

Aaron sat up and scooted down so he was on top of Paul’s legs. He grabbed inside of the shorts and pulled Paul’s cock out. Paul was cut, well-sized, and thicker than any Aaron had felt before. His hair was trimmed neatly.

With his other hand, Aaron pulled the shorts down and off. He started to work on Paul. Aaron was methodical, making sure to hit everywhere he knew Paul would like it – the balls, the shaft, the underside of the tip. Aaron was good at most things. Making sure his partners were satisfied was no exception.

As he went, he could hear Paul moan. Aaron had never felt this horny in his life. He thought his pants might rip open he was so hard.

“Holy fuck, Aaron,” Paul gasped.

Aaron kept going, slowly speeding up. He’d dreamed of this moment for longer than he could remember. Paul felt and tasted even better than he’d ever hoped for. His smell was perfect, and with every whiff Aaron took he felt better and better.

“Fuck, fuck,” Paul softly uttered. Aaron looked up while still keeping Paul’s cock in his mouth. Paul was looking back at him, a look of pleasure and satisfaction that Aaron had longed for.

Their eyes met. Aaron had never felt a more erotic moment in his life.

“I’m gonna come,” muttered Paul, lying his head back. Aaron kept working him to climax, reaching up to play with Paul’s nipples as he went.

“Fuckkk.” Paul moaned loudly. His come came flying out, but Aaron held his lips tightly around his shaft, making sure none escaped. After Aaron was sure Paul had finished, he pulled off and swallowed hard.

Exhausted, Aaron lay down next to Paul, expecting for it to be over. But Paul lifted himself up, straddled his body over Aaron’s legs, and pulled Aaron’s khakis and trunks off. Aaron’s hard cock lay on his smooth, shaven skin. He watched as Paul grabbed it and put his mouth around it.

Ecstasy was not a strong enough word to describe how Paul’s tongue felt to Aaron, going up and down his shaft. Paul would linger on the tip just long enough to nearly make Aaron come, before backing off.

It still didn’t take long though. Aaron had been hard for so long that he quickly finished. Paul held Aaron’s cock as stream after stream landed on Aaron’s chest. After he had stopped, Paul leaned down and licked some off Aaron’s chest. He swallowed it, before lying down next to Aaron.

A few minutes passed as each caught their breath.

Paul lifted his head up on his arm and looked down.

“You’re really something, Aaron.” 

Aaron looked back.

“No, we’re really something.”

Paul smiled.